Delaware Children’s Museum: Where Learning Comes to Life in Wilmington, DE

Located in the heart of Wilmington, Delaware, the Delaware Children’s Museum (DCM) is a vibrant hub of exploration and discovery for young learners. Founded in 2010, this dynamic museum offers interactive exhibits and hands-on activities designed to ignite curiosity, stimulate creativity, and inspire a love of learning in children of all ages. Information can be found here.

The Delaware Children’s Museum features various exhibits covering a wide range of topics, from science and technology to art, culture, and the environment. Children can explore a miniature version of the city of Wilmington in the “Bank on It” exhibit, role-play as scientists in the “EcoZone” exhibit, or unleash their creativity in the “Art Studio” exhibit. Discover facts about All Aboard: Exploring the Wilmington & Western Railroad in Wilmington, DE.

One of the highlights of the Delaware Children’s Museum is its focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Through interactive exhibits and programs, children can engage in hands-on learning experiences that promote critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and scientific inquiry.

The museum also offers a variety of educational programs, workshops, and events for children and families, including summer camps, birthday parties, and homeschool days. These programs allow children to explore new interests, develop skills, and connect with peers in a fun and supportive environment.

In addition to its educational offerings, the Delaware Children’s Museum is committed to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that all children can participate in its programs and activities. The museum offers sensory-friendly hours, accommodations for children with disabilities, and outreach programs for underserved communities throughout Delaware.

As a beloved cultural institution in Wilmington, the Delaware Children’s Museum invites children and families to embark on a journey of discovery, imagination, and learning. Whether exploring exhibits, attending a workshop, or participating in a special event, visitors will indeed be inspired and empowered by their experience at the Delaware Children’s Museum.